Two keen gardeners in Milford, Jenny Spenser & Jan England, having met in 1996, decided that the village lacked any kind of focal point for gardening. This was just the incentive needed to ask a few friends to join them (thanks to Audrey & Tony Perkins, Liz Everard, Anne Jenks & Liz Bickle) and plan a years programme before launching the idea of a Gardeners Club on the Village.
The novice committee begged  & cajoled local gardeners & nursery owners to come and talk to them – thanks here to Peter Chappell of Spinners, Chris Fairweather, Diana Grenfell & Roger Grounds of Apple Court, who all gave their time for free or almost – to help kick start the process of what was to become Milford Gardeners’ Club.

The first evening in January 1997 was held at the  All Saint’s Church Hall. The committee had a ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ event in the hope this might inspire some people to venture out………not only did they come out, but they came in their droves. With 150 people squashed into the Hall another 50 had to stay outside and the form work delayed the 7.00 pm start by 30 minutes. Milford Gardeners’ Club had arrived. Over the next 19 years the Club has had many new committee members, numerous fabulous speakers, great holidays and outings and its two founders hope that the enthusiasm for gardening in Milford continues for at least another 20 years.

2017 was the 20th anniversary of the first meeting of the Club.